We help breeders and vets to assess variable semen quality with portable computer assisted semen analyzer

Your job as breeding specialist or vet would be more efficient with Ongo semen analyzer

Ongo Semen Analyzer can measure fresh, cooled or post-thawn semen concentration and motility

Ongo semen analyzer for rabbit breeding
Ongo semen analyzer for poultry
Ongo semen analyzer for sheep breeding
Ongo semen analyzer for stallion breeding
Ongo semen analyzer for cattle breeding and bull andrology
Ongo semen analyzer for dog breeding
Ongo semen analyzer for more efficient pig breeding
  • Ongo is ready to use
  • A box of 25 two-chamber slides included as a gift
  • Stage heating allows semen measurement at body temperature for maximum accuracy
  • Autofocus enables instant finding of spermatozoa
  • No internet access required to calculate motility and concentration (data is yours)
  • Results output in pdf and mp4 video, which you can play on any computer
lab grade accuracy with Ongo semen analyzer

As computer vision and data science professionals, we think about quality seriously. We set accuracy against lab grade CASA equipment applying rigorous Bland-Altman statistics. You can count with us!

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Hollywood International Limited Group - Thailand
AgroFeed -Hungary
Bonafarm Group Hungary
Pharm2farm - Romania
IBEC - Institute of Bioengeneering of Catalonia
stallion breeder partner from Germany


Dr. Luvszandagva Dzsargalszajhan

Dog veterinary reproduction specialist Új Kutyavári Team

It is a novel thing in pet medicine, so far it has not been a device like that in practice before. It is the first device to be used in a practice that is available at an affordable price and gives reliable results in sperm motility testing. The result is immediately available at the test site. Due to its portability, the test can also be performed at the breeder during coverings, thus saving the time / cost of traveling to the vet.

Vazul Fülöp

Pig Reproduction Specialist Boar Farm - Vivagen

As a consultant, it is very important to be able to provide our customers with accurate and reliable results when testing the sperm samples we receive. With the Ongo Sperm Analyzer, I can fully examine the obtained sample and determine the results obtained, whether it is worth keeping the given animal as a breeding animal or not. By using the machine, the burden of carrying out the tests is removed from the shoulders of our partners and they can always be sure that the reported result is accurate, which will also facilitate their work.

Dr. Bettina Pót-Szebenyi

Meat bull veterinary reproduction specialist Andrology Team - NAIK

In case of meat bull andrology, lab tools' portability is a key success factor. We save time and money on logistics. I like that Ongo works in any circumstances. At least I don't need to worry about that part of breeding soundness exams.

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