How canine breeders can use Ongo for semen quality control

Ongo helps vets measure motility on site  within 50 sec

We had a discussion with Habil. Julianna Thuróczy DVM. PhD, Diplomate of European College of Animal Reproduction, veterinarian at Animal Health Center Budafok and Academic staff member of University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

Dr Thuróczy has 30 years of veterinary practice with specialization in pet obstetrics and reproductive biology, endocrinology, and she uses Ongo for 4 years

Semen quality assurance

Ongo provides semen motility and concentration results within 30-50 seconds, after switching on the built-in heating which reduce the measurement time significantly.

Ongo starter kit in suitcase

Fast and easy testing with Ongo

Dr Thuróczy has been using Ongo for 4 years, mainly to ensure the quality of semen from breeding males. A significant proportion of dog owners are satisfied if we only look at motility during the semen test. In this case, the result of the test is the percentage of motile, progressive motile sperm cells.

Ongo starter kit in suitcase

“With the help of Ongo I can save time, and dog owner gets the same results in motility as I would do with a desktop CASA."

"If the owner of the breeding male knows that a bitch is coming to them from a far place e.g from Barcelona, he will check the quality of the sperm beforehand to see if the bitch will start at all. Since it is irrelevant for natural mating whether the number of morphologically defective sperm is 6% or 8%, the mass effect will override this if the cell number is adequate. Therefore, in the case of natural mating, testing with Ongo is perfectly sufficient.”

Ongo Vettech developed and distributes Ongo Semen Analyzer. Made in Europe. Patent pending.

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