How bull andrology specialists uses Ongo portable semen analyzer

With Ongo portable semen analyzer you can measure bull semen on site without extra logistics cost and delay

We had a discussion with Osolya Varga-Balogh dr. PhD, member of Kaposvár Campus, Institute of Animal Sciences, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr Varga-Balogh's field of research is cattle reproduction; by this time mainly bull reproduction. A complex andrological examination protocol, similar to BSE* have made by her group since 2018.

This complex andrological examination of males (bull), means physical and instrumental diagnostic protocol of bull’s reproductive organs. During this examination they use thermal camera and ultrasound examination of the external and internal reproductive organs, as well as computerized examination of sperm motility (CASA) and morphological examination of semen.

She uses Ongo portable semen analyzer for on site testing which significantly reduces logistics cost and provides immediate results in terms of motility

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Semen quality assurance

In Hungary, not only licensed bulls can be used for meat cattle breeding, but breeders seem to understand the significance of bull’s examination. By this time only this group is doing bull’s examination with more strict requirements than BSE* in the US.

pre-breeding testing of bulls

Young beef bull semen testing before breeding

In young bulls, sperm quality can vary greatly. During the first ejaculations, sperm quality is usually poor. Since young bulls often masturbate, it is not known that how many ejaculates have been before the examination. It is very important that semen examination per se is not enough to evaluate the bull’s fertility.

Approx. 30% of examinations are done for older bulls before breeding period. Usually we use rectal massage or electroejaculation for collecting semen.

However the best and most reliable results have found after natural ejaculation, most of the bulls are examined only once a year and training of bulls for natural ejaculation is very difficult. This is another reason, why the results of the other examinations are also necessary to evaluate bull’s fertility properly.

quality assurance of bulls for sale

Young beef bull semen testing before breeding

In some cases, we are done examinations because of infertility (no calf after a bull).

Sometimes those bulls are high quality and very expensive sires. In those cases we also examine the reproductive organs and semen, and can give a diagnosis or even a therapy suggestion.

In those cases of warranty it is very important to determine, if reason of infertility originates from injury, inflammation, inflammation or genetics.

On site testing with Ongo

On site testing is very useful and easy, although in extreme weather conditions (in summer and in winter) results are affected by high and low air temperature.

Beef cattle typically held on fields and open stables with no heating. Our examinations are also typically done outside.

Ongo is very easy to use under field conditions, just make sure that the sample does not receive cold shock when placed on a slide for testing.

The test itself is a simple process that can be learned by anyone, analyzing the results is what requires more expertise.

Male animals must be examined in a complex way, to ensure fertility. It includes physical examination of the animal (especially reproductive organs), ultrasound examinations of the reproductive organs and also semen examination (motility and morphology of sperms). However examination of sexual behavior is not included in this test.

*BSE is used in the USA. The breeding soundness examination (BSE) involves a complete and systematic evaluation of the reproductive potential of a male animal, including mating ability and libido, general physical examination and inspection of the genital organs, and assessment of sperm production and quality.

What is a BSE on a bull? The breeding soundness exam (BSE) is much more than a “semen test.” It consists of a physical exam that should include examination of the eyes, feet and legs, teeth (if an older bull), and general overall condition.

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