How pig breeders can use Ongo for semen quality control

Ongo helps breednig specialists measure semen motility and cocncentration on site  within 50 sec

We had a discussion with Ferenc Róbert Mátyus the Head of Pig Breeding at Dalmand Zrt, Bonafarm Group. He manages a pork male colony and 3 breeding farms, specialized in the distribution and production of the DanBred variety. He participated in the introduction of the use of mixed propagating material in Hungary.

Bonafarm Group underwent a genetic change in 2015, making DanBred a key and strategic partner in Central and Eastern Europe. The group had chosen this genetics because, in addition to its outstanding reproductive and growth results, it also provides the slaughterhouse with excellent raw material.

Semen quality assurance

Ongo provides semen motility and concentration results within 30-50 seconds, after switching on the built-in heating which reduce the measurement time significantly.

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Fast and easy sampling with Ongo

At Bonafarm Group, Ongo has been used for 2 years mainly for the control of propagating material. At the pig breeding farms, the motility of every purchased semen unit is checked by sampling before fertilization.

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"Also, Ongo is used as a backup in case of the desktop CASA breaks down."

DanBred variety was choosen because of it's outstanding reproductive rates, with an average of 18 piglets being born from a pregnancy and the fattening rates are also prominent. The variety is capable of gaining more than 1000g of daily body weight. At Bonafarm they are currently able to show an average daily weight gain of 1050g.

The Bonafarm Group is at the forefront of the widespread use of mixed propagating material in Hungary. In Western Europe, the use of mixed propagating material has long been a common practice, but in Hungary it was previously prohibited by law. Fortunately, the legal environment has changed, so this method has been used for 5 years in the pig farms he manages.

The essence of the method is to mix the propagating material of 3-4 pork male and sell it to the partners. With this method, the possibility of 2 healthy animals having no offspring can be ruled out. By using mixed propagating material, a 2% better pregnancy rate can be achieved than using only 1 male.

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